Sunday, July 5, 2009

RxTx Case finally got my RxTx 6.3 Software Defined Radio in a case. I mentioned in the weekly net that I had built it and I was invited to bring it to the next club meeting (which is tomorrow). I'd already clipped off the connectors in preparation for putting it in a case so I really needed to finish that off today so I can show it off tomorrow.

The case I finally chose was an old KVM switch and it fit in really nicely. There's very little wiggle room, but it's still tall enough for the PA filters and not too difficult to take apart.'m pleased with the old presta bike valve dust covers that I used as spacers to get the PCB above the metal mounts that were already in the box. The USB socket is from an old wireless router and I covered the unused holes with leftover water heater earthquake strapping. I used Epoxy Resin, but it was pretty old. I plan to file it down and then use body filler to fill in the empty spaces if I can ever be bothered.

All that yellow wire is for the DB9 connector, I didn't have time to cut it short and re-solder it to the socket so I just scrunched it in there. I'll get to that at some point too. After I got it all in the case I fired it up and it worked great. I even manged to decode some PSK31 signal and saw some folks talking about 'working New Zealand' sadly I didn't pick up a callsign so I don't know where they were from.

Soon I need to try and work this thing in Tx and actually try and call someone.

A few more pictures are in the Gallery.


Eric Söderman-ESN said...

So, any updates about your softrock? Are you using it? Working ok? Have you added an amp? Thanks.

ark said...

No updates I'm afraid. I haven't had any time to play with this at all recently :( my next goal is still to get Rx tested and then actually make a contact... hopefully soon.

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